The 1985 Z28

The 1985 Z28 as it looked on the day it was delivered. It was in no shape to make the 45 mile trip unders its own power, so the seller graciously offered to deliver it in his enclosed trailer. Ah, toys we can only dream about. The last inspection sticker on it was dated 1999 indicating the car hadn't been on the road for 9 years. It does start and run, but some important items are missing, like the catalytic converter and working brakes.


Like the 86, the nose was replaced with one from an RS. This is one of the very few things that's not original to the car.


This car has the LB9 305 with an automatic. The LB9 put out 215hp and 275ft/lb of torque and was the most powerful engine offered in 1985.


Don't be fooled by appearances, the hood is new. It just wasn't painted before it was left to sit in a field. The nose is also new, but was never painted.


The front fenders are the only body parts that need to be replaced. Everything else is solid.


The rear quarters are in great shape and shouldn't require any major body work.


The interior is in great condition, and matches the one in the 86. Between the 2 cars, we should be able to get one complete interior.

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