The 1986 Z28

The 1986 Z28 as it looked on the day we brought it home. It survived the 20 mile trip without incident, even though the car hadn't been on the road for 2 years. A few days later we thrashed it up and down the street until it puked antifreeze. We had forgotten to turn on the radiator fan, which was a hack done by a previous owner. It then went into the garage for a make-over.


Due to a run in with a parked car back in 1997, the nose was replaced with one from a 1991 RS. This is one of the very few things that's not original to the car.


It included the original Z28 wheels, so these cheesy aftermarket rims will have to go.


It has a nice stance with no squatting in the rear. From a look underneath, it looks like the entire suspension is original.


The engine is the stock anemic LG4 305 putting out a pathetic 165hp and 250ft/lb. It's the carbureted engine and the base motor for the Z28. One of the first objectives will be to boost the output to something more respectable.


The interior is in surprisingly good condition, with just a single tear on the drivers seat and some missing hardware. The ghetto pedals will have to go.


Two years later we bid it farewell. There was absolutely nothing left on the car when we were done stripping it.

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