1986 Z28 - RPO Codes

199seat belt color, black (91)
16Pwheel color, brt white (91)
17Astripe color, accent, silver (91)
19Ctrim combination, cloth, black (C) (91)
19Iinterior trim, black (I) (91)
19Qmolding color, black (91)
1AZCustomer Ordered Vehicle
41Uprimary color, exterior, black
6ZWspring, computer selected, front, left hand
7ZWspring, computer selected, front, right hand
8NMspring, computer selected, rear, left hand
9NMspring, computer selected, rear, right hand
A01window, tinted, all shaded, w/s
A31window, power operated, side
A90lock control, rr compt lid, rem cont elec release
AR9seat, frt bkt, european style, pass a driver recl
AU3lock control, side dr, elec
B18ornamentation, intr, delux
B34covering, frt floor mats carpeted insert
B35covering, rear, floor mats carpeted insert
B3WAdvanced Price Sheet - Processing Option
B84ornamentation, extr mldg, body side
B94fender emblem, z28
B97ornamentation, extr mldg, lower accent
B9KOrnamentation B/S MLDG -Reapply to RR Door only
BS1insulation, acoustical pkg
C49defogger, rr window, electric
C60hvac system, air conditioner frt man controls
C95lamp, intr, roof, courtesy and dual reading
CC1roof hatch, removable panels, glass
CD4wiper system windshield, pulse
D08paint, high gloss finish
D34mirror, visor vanity
D35mirror, outside rear view
D42shade, rr compt security
D80spoiler, rr end pnl
D88decal, stripe, sport
E5Zspeedometer adapter (delete)
E9Zspeedometer key (delete)
GU5axle rear, 3.23 ratio
J50brake system, power
K22generator, 94 amp
K34cruise control, automatic, electronic
LG4engine, gas, 8 cyl, 5.0, 4bbl
M39transmission, man 5 spd borg warner, 77mm, 2.95
MM5merchandised trans, man 5 spd provisions
N33steering column, tilt type
N90wheel 15 x 7, aluminum cast, 4.75 inch bolt circle
NA5emission system, federal, tier 0
NK3steering wheel, sport, soft rim, simulated leather
P20hubcaps, wheel, styled
QYHtire all, p215/65r15/n wol r/pe st tl hwy
T63alarm, headlamps on warning system
T93tail stop lamp, smoked
TR9lamp, group
U21cluster, int, oil, cool temp, volts, tach
U25lamp, intr, rr compt, courtesy
U26lamp, intr, eng compt, courtesy
U29lamp, intr i/p, courtesy
U79speaker system, 4, dual frt coax, dual ext rge pkg
UP8stereo radio installment provisions
UX1radio, am/fm stereo cassette equalizer
V73antenna, fixed
VK3license plate, frt mounting pkg
YE2convenience pkg, decor level #2, low trim
YR1seat, frt custom
YS1seat, rr custom
YT1build up dr qtr
Z28merchandised pkg, special performance

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