Third Gen Restoration - Grille Mod

I want to add some subtle mods that will add some detail to the car while still subscribing to the low budget discipline. This mod will add some mesh to the front grille where the fog lights normally go.

Here's the grille at the start of the project. It's in good shape, but a little nicked up and faded.
First step is to make a template of the openings to use when cutting the mesh. An old cereal box does the trick. Mmm... Special K...
Once cut, they're labeled for each side.
Next step is to make some tabs to hold the mesh. The plan is to glue the tabs to the grille and then bolt the mesh to them. Some left over sheet steel is used.
The tabs are bent, drilled and painted semi-gloss black. The area that will be glued to the grille is left unpainted.
The grille gets painted with Dupli-Color Bumper Coating paint which has a flat finish.
Some mesh was obtained from Custom Car Grills. This is a 12" square piece of Hex XXL powdercoated black. It was in their Scrap Heap for $7.20.
Using the templates, the grille opening pieces are cut and secured with the clips. The clips will be epoxied to the grille.
The finished product. The screws will be painted black to blend in.

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