Third Gen Restoration - Removing The Rollbar

So the shell came with a bare interior. It had been stripped down, leaving nothing behind but the rear seatbelt retractors and the emergency brake cable. Oh, and a rollcage. In this case a 6-point cage. It was supposed to be an 8-point, but the rear braces hadn't been welded in yet. And I use the term 'welded' very loosely here. The welds mounting the cage to the chassis consisted of hundreds of blobs. Suddenly I'm not so embarrassed by my welding skills, or lack thereof.

I'll carefully try to remove the cage. If I can get it out relatively intact, I'll probably re-use it, but without the angle braces that connect to the tunnel, and it will be moved back a couple of inches.

I might have left the cage alone, at least the rear portion, but it was mounted too far forward. Someone must have been planning to use this car as a strip car only.
Here's an example of the junction of the bars. They're filled with a sloppy coating of Bondo.
There are only a few light 'beads' holding these to the hump.
I'll probably cut this down as close to the floor as I can, and then just grind the rest down.
Finally starting to cut the rollbar out.
Yes, this weld is as bad as it looks...
...but that just makes it easier to remove.
Cutting through the weld left some damage behind.
A quick little patch and it's good as new.
More rollbar removal damage.
After a patch.
More patch work.
The floor will be finished with some grey paint.

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