Third Gen Restoration - Cleaning Up The Undercarriage

The underside of the shell is pretty clean. I'll sand off the rust, treat it with a rust preventative and then prime and paint it. In keeping with the low budget theme, I'll be using spray bombs.

After some scrubbing on the underside with Simple Green, it looks to be pretty solid. There appears to be some random areas of undercoating here and there. Not sure what that's all about.
There's surface rust, but no rot holes.
I'm doing it a section at a time. Primer is zinc-based.
Final color will be a light gray so there will be a lot of contrast between the various parts.
Once the passenger side is done, the catalytic converter heat shield is re-installed. It was cleaned up and painted with some high-temp cast gray paint that I had laying around.
The driver side was a bit worse than the passenger side. It was all surface rust though, with no rot holes.
After many hours with the wire wheel and a light sanding, the floor was coated in Eastwood's Rust Converter.
Once everything is treated for rust and then primed, the paint goes on. The color is Rustoleum Smoke Gray.

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