Third Gen Restoration - Engine Compartment

The shell from the 88 is rolled into the garage so I can remove the few parts that are left on it.

The engine compartment is mostly done, it just needed some touch-up. Before we bought it, someone had painted it in semi-gloss black. The holes for the heater core and fan were filled by a previous owner. I'm still debating whether or not to bring it back to stock.
Finishing the cowl panel. This is the only one of the three with a good windshield, so I'll be extra careful not to break it.
Finally putting some parts back ON the car. The strut towers are stock units, they're just painted red to make them look like after-market ones. Remember, I'm a cheap bastard.
The K-member and support brackets are put back on, along with the repainted original motor mounts.
The steering box and wonderbar are cleaned up and re-installed.
The windshield washer pump goes back on.

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