Third Gen Restoration - Body

The body is very straight and clean, with only a few areas of surface rust. It looks like the car this body came from was either from a warm climate or was kept in a garage. At some point, a previous owner stripped it and put it aside. I don't expect to have to do a lot of bodywork, which is a good thing, because I suck at bodywork.

Creating some jack points

Installing sub-frame connectors

Cleaning the undercarriage

Front grille modification

Prepping for paint

The few remaining parts come off the shell.
The rear wheel wells are in great shape.
There's always one bolt that refuses to come out. In this case it was for the upper track bar. The bar had been cut out and only the end remained. Now I know why. This one had to come out the hard way.
The gas tank is dropped to paint behind it. The tank itself will also get painted.

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