Third Gen Restoration - Front Suspension

The front suspension will get a lot of new parts; struts, ball joints, tie rod ends, etc.

The front a-arms were cleaned up and re-painted. I had to push in the new front bushings with a large vise, so some braces were tacked in to prevent the mounts from crushing.
The springs will need to be compressed about an inch to get them back in. Use an internal compressor like this one.
The front springs need to be indexed, so it's important to position the compressor just right so it can be removed once the spring is installed.
Once the spring is installed a jack is used to raise the LCA so the ball joint can be bolted.
Now the compressor can be removed.
The driver side with the new spring and strut installed.
The passenger side with the new spring and strut installed.
For the first time in three years, the front wheels can be mounted.

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